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Need help?

Everyone hits a bump in the road. We're here to help.

For residents of the Litchfield school district area Hearts may be able to assist with the following:

  • Utilities: If no other agencies have programs of assistance available. 

  • Rent and mortgage: must be verified by typed & signed lease. Client must be able to pay bill for next month. Limited assistance for clients in housing crisis provided (see HUA Homeless Policy).

  • Emergency travel: Greyhound or Amtrak fares to an immediate family member's sickness or death or for transient relocation. Must be able to confirm.

  • Gas for medical appointments or job interview: Must confirm by an appointment card.

  • Emergency repairs (auto, appliance, and property): Must confirm true emergency & necessity.

  • Food: we refer to Food Pantries & free local meals first (found on Resource List).

  • Clothing: Blessings Program- Clients must live in the Litchfield School District unless authorized by Case Manager (circumstances would include referrals from other organizations and transients).

  • Clothing or shoes for work: Item may be bought with check to retail store for the exact amount of item after confirming with employer.

  • Medicine: We can help with limited medical assistance. Due to safety & liability we are unable help with:

    • Pain meds of any kind or muscle relaxers

    • Controlled substances or narcotics

    • ADHD meds

    • any other meds at our discretion. 

  • ​Identification: If client needs for job securement or is homeless we can assist in getting ID.

  • Referrals: If HUA cannot meet needs, we work hard to refer to places that can. We’ll be praying for you!


  • Please CALL to schedule an appointment with a case worker. Appointments are scheduled Mon-Thurs and last approx. 30 minutes. Clients complete a short application and meet with our case worker.

    • Payments made directly to Vendors only (utility co, landlord, etc).

    • Limited assistance per household per year.

    • Unfortunately we are not able to assist with phones, insurance, car payments or loan payments.


We know everyone hits a bump in the road. God's put us here to give a "hand up" for those tough times. We write the checks but He has the answers. 

                       "Devoted to Our Community"

“To the folks at Hearts United, I want to give a big thank you for the help you have provided me when I was in need of help. I feel blessed to have known you people.” 

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