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In this season of change we want to stay connected with all of you and keep you updated on what’s happening at Hearts!

You may have experienced some times over the last year that we were unable to accept or have had to limit the number of items being donated. Please understand that we never WANT to turn any of your awesome donated blessings away..... However, due to space constraints and the occasionally large increase in the blessings coming in, we may have to make some adjustments.

We are so grateful for your patience, understanding and continued support!


Mon-Fri 10am-3pm / Sat 10am-1pm

We are currently accepting all donations that are in good, clean, gently used working condition.

(For a list of items that we do not accept on a daily basis plz call or visit the store)

We will do our best to keep everyone updated when changes need to be made.

Thank you so much for another spectacular year and as always, thank you for donating and shopping and supporting this amazing ministry.... we couldn’t do this without all of YOU!

To speed things up when donating, we are asking friends to keep the following in mind:

  • Please make sure all items have been WASHED or CLEANED.

  • Make sure all items are in GOOD condition.

  • Please separate your clothing from other items.

  • Please send donations in boxes, bags or totes that CAN BE LEFT WITH US (asking for your tote back during drop-off will slow things down). 

  • We may ask you to wear a mask and stay in your vehicle. Thanks for being patient with us!

THANKS SO MUCH for thinking of us!! 

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